Tucan Survival 5D / 4N


Visit the meeting of the waters, piranhas fishing, canoe trip through the streams, alligator spotting at night, Jungle trekking, swimming with the dolphins, visiting an indigenous community, visit to a local community (Acajatuba community), visit the of Monkeys forest (Ariaú region), kayak tour (Paddling), 2 nights camping in the forest.


Day 1: 8am transfer hotel- Ceasa – Bom Lake - Pousada. The transfer starts from the hotel or office, going first to the meeting of the waters (junction of the Negro and Solimões rivers). After visiting the meeting of the waters, the trip will continue for 1.5 hours by car to Bim. From this place the trip will continue by boat (speed boat) on a 30 to 50 minutes ride depending on the time of year. Arriving at the lodge, welcome drinks will be served with the guests being accommodated shortly thereafter.

At 12 noon lunch is served and after lunch there is a little time to relax and to prepare tihngs to the activities of this first day. At 2:30 pm the group will departure by motorized canoe for piranha fishing and for a small canoe trip for bird watching and to see a wonderful sunset from the middle of the river and return to the lodge after this. At 7pm dinner will be served.

After dinner the group departure by motorized canoe for the alligator spotting and the guide using his hands will grab a small aligátor and will explain about this feared animal of the Amazonian rivers. There is na opportunity for each member of the group to touch it and get great photos of the animal.

Day 2: From 5:30am to 6:30am a small canoe trip will be held to observe the awakening of the nature with the first rays of the sun and the silence being broken through the singing of the birds and other animals of the region. At 7am the breakfast is served and from 8am to 11:30am the jungle trekking is done. During the trekking, the guide will explain about the forest and about some medicinal plants found there in the area. There is also a chance to observe tarantulas and other animals. After the jungle trekking the group will return to the lodge and at 12pm lunch will be served. In the at 2:30pm the group will departure to visit an indigenous community where they will attend an indigenous ritual (dancing), great opportunity for photos and videos with the indigenous.

Day 3: After breakfast from 8am to 11am a kayak tour (paddling) will be done exploring some streams of the region. In the afternoon at 3 pm, the group will go out to camp two nights in the forest sleeping in hammocks with mosquito nets.

Days 4 and 5: During the period of camping in the forest, the guest will learn some survival techniques in the forest as how to find food and water in the rainforest. They will also learn about the nightlife in the forest and together with their guide, they’ll make their own food and will do more trekking and depending on weather condiction and luck it will be possible to see some animals. They will also have chance for a little night trekking, but for this trekking its necessary to have equipment as hiking boots, long trousers and flashlight. On the last day, they will return to the lodge in the morning getting there around 11am and will have time to relax while they wait for lunch which is at 12pm.

At 2pm begins the journey back to Manaus with arrival scheduled at 4:30pm ending the tour at the hotel of the clients or at the airport.