Good Morning Jungle 2D/1N

This tous its done on the south of Manaus and on this tour we do the following activities;

See the meeting of the waters, Piranha fishing, dolphin watching, bird watching, see the sunrise and the sunset, alligator spotting at night and Jungle trekking.

Trip Itinerary

Day one: At 8am is the transfer from the hotel to the Ceasa port where a speed boat is used to take visitors to the meeting of the waters, the point where the Negro river and the Solimões river meet. From there they are taken to the Careiro Village on the other side of the Solimões (Amazon River) river. From there the journey continues by car or by van for about an hour to the Paraná do Mamori River. There another speed-boat takes the group to the lodge arriving there at about 11;30am.

At 2:30pm the activities begin, the group leaves by motorized canoe for piranha fishing, dolphin and bird watching and the sunset watching at about 6:30pm. After dinner cayman spotting its done. It’s an activity where the guide catches a cayman and gives technical information about it.

Day two: At 5:30am a canoe trip is done to watch the sunrise and to get a close up view of the forest waking up to a new day.  At 7am breakfast is served and then at 8am a jungle walk starts and it goes up to 11:30am. During the walk, the guide explains valuable information about the forest. Much is learned about medicinal plants, spiders, trees and there is even a chance of seeing monkeys.

After lunch, the journey back to Manaus starts at about 1:30pm arriving at about 4:30pm in the City.