Maçarico Lodge

Your home in the Amazon Jungle Rustic and comfortable.

The Maçarico Eco Lodge its located at a distance of approximately 90 kilometers south of the city of Manaus in the Maçarico region.

The Lodge was built in the rustic style (predominantly wood) but at the same thinking in the comfort and well being of the guests. It was built on the lakeside which makes the place very ventilated during the day and with a privileged view allowing the guests to enjoy the beautiful image of the lake and at times watching animals as birds and dolphins.

The Maçarico Lodge has 8 triples rooms all with air conditioning, private bathroom with hot shower, a small refrigerator and ceramic floors.

The Lodge has a reception with a bar to receive and welcome all the guests, dining room, two places for hammocks (a lounge for hammock and another place under the trees) allowing the guests to relax reading a book, resting after the lunch or even enjoying the beautiful view of the lake.

At this lodge we develop activties as eco-tourism and sport fishing during the period of the dry season which is from August to November.

Come and discover natural the beauties of the Amazon Jungle staying in a rustic, clean and comfortable place.

Your Adventure Awaits

We offer great flexibility for any of our tour packages, so you choose your own departure date according to your vacation and also according to your time. You are also free to add extra days on your package according to the possibilities offered or extra tours to other destinations if you have time.
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