Juma Floating Lodge

The Juma floating Lodge is located 100 kilometers away from the city of Manaus. The Journey from Manaus to the lodge is done in four parts. Two parts are done by land and the other two parts are done by speed boat. The whole journey from Manaus to the Lodge takes about three and half hours and the last part to reach the lodge its done by speed boat crossing the forest exploring lakes and small tributaries.

The Juma floating lodge has accommodation with fan and accommodation with air conditioning and private bathroom in all rooms. A varandah built in front of the rooms enables the guests to relax in hammocks while observing dolphins going by or caymans stretching themselves out on the opposite bank. This is normally possible in the dry season from September to December. There is energy 24 hours a day, so charging batteries and other equipment is possible. In the rainy season it is possible to go paddling exploring the flooded when visitors have a chance to watch monkeys going by. In the dry season, it is fishing time. What about going fishing for the delicious peacock bass or yet, pulling in a three pound one there is a fishing for piranhas, cayman spotting, and of course trekking and sleeping in the forest. Then finish your tour by visiting the local people. And remember, you are always accompanied by your guide and served by friendly Amazon People.

Activities at the Juma Floating Lodge are: 

Hiking (jungle trekking), Bird watching, Dolphin watching, Overnight in the forest, Visit to the people (caboclos), Alligator spotting in evening, Observation of sunrise and sunset, Sport fishing during the Dry season (peacock bass fishing), Piranha Fishing, spear fishing in the evening (Fishing with harpoon), Canoeing (paddling in the flooded forest), Jungle Survival techniques

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