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Aiming to provide customers, Adventures tours, Boat tours in the Amazon forest at different places (Lodges, boat Tours, survival tours) with the main objective to explore the Amazon Jungle and discover its mysteries through trips planned and done by people with experience in the tourism industry.

The Amazon Brazil is responsible for the development, preparation and implementation of the tours. Our office it’s in the center of Manaus a few meters away from the famous Teatro Amazonas at the 10 of July street number 708.

Founded in mid-2010 by David Andrade, the company began to work actively from 2011, offering various tours and packages to exploring different areas of the Amazon Jungle.

We work independently with tourists booked through our company, allowing the satisfaction of guests doing tours with activities developed and done by people with experience in the tourism business.

The policy of our company is to work with small groups and scheduled through our agency, work with experienced guides and run the tours according the activities scheduled for the guests, and conduct tours in places chosen by customers according to the options we offer.

We work with values (prices) that allows us to carry out tours with small groups, with experienced guides, with quality and safety, thus achieving our main goal which is to explore the Amazon rainforest in its natural form causing minimal impact to the environment.

River Day Tour

We do a One Day River tour which is recommended for visitors who have little time to do the traditional jungle tours. On this tour, the visitors will visit some beautiful as the Famous meeting of the waters (the junction of the Amazon river and the Negro river), the Janauari Ecological Park, swimming with the dolphins in the Negro river and visit to an indigenous village (the Dessanas Indians). This tours its done on board a covered speed boat from 9am to approximately 5pm with lunch served at a floating restaurant at the Janauari Park.


Boat Tours

Discover the enchanting Amazon by doing a boat tour which considered as the best way to explore rivers, lakes and the regions. During the Boat tour, diferent areas are visited and several types of activities are done. This option gives you chance to see more during the tour as you dont spend the whole tour at the same área.

There are different options of boat (Regional, Boat with little more of comfort and there also luxury boat). All boats used on these tours have two floors and feature crew and cooking service ready to meet and satisfy the guests with a cuisine based on local dishes.


Visit the meeting of the Waters, visit the Janauari ecological park, piranha fishing, jungle hikking, Alligator spotting, Bird watching, canoeing trip, swim with dolphins, visiting to local communities, visit to indigenous village and camping (overinight) in the forest when requested.

Day Tours

See some of the Wonders and attactions that are in Manaus and in the Amazon forest. We offer tours to the Presidente Figueiredo waterfalls, to museums, the Amazon Theater, the municipal Market, the Botanical Garden, river tours to the meeting of the Waters, swimming with the dolphins and visiting Indian communities.

Amazon Jungle Tours

- Rua Dez de Julho, 708
Manaus - Amazaonas

+55(92) 99184-8452


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