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Aiming to provide customers, Adventures tours, Boat tours in the Amazon forest at different places (Lodges, boat Tours, survival tours) with the main objective to explore the Amazon Jungle and discover its mysteries through trips planned and done by... - Read More

Boto Trip 2D/1N

Day one: At 8am is the transfer from hotel to Ceasa port where a speed boat is used to take visitors.

Boat Tour 4D / 3N

Tour done with minimum of 2 people. For 1 person, please contact us for availability or for group.

Tucan 3D/2N

Day 2: From 5:30am to 6:30am a small canoe trip will be held to observe the awakenin...

Tucan survival 5D / 4N

Day 1: 8am transfer hotel- Ceasa – Ubim - Pousada. The transfer begins from the hotel ...



Discover the best of Panatal. Suggestions of tours in Pantanal. Here we have great indications for the northern and southern Pantanal tours. Birdwatching,Jaguar spotting Tour, watching capybaras, horseback riding through the Pnatanal and many other tours.

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Boat Ticket

Prices charged include 10% of the ticket price as a scheduling service fee.

Check your destination prices, availability, price, departure day and time and also the duration of the journey from Manaus to the destination of your interest.

Note;Price varies according to the season of the year